Employees are your greatest threat

We have all heard your employees can be your greatest asset. But have you heard that your employees can be  your greatest threat?

The same values that make your employees great for your company in normal scenarios can make them vulnerable in bad scenarios. For example, your customers deserve empathy from your employees but cyber criminals will use that same empathy against you.

Before bad guys used to have to wear black ski masks if they wanted to rob you. Now, bad guys are literally invisible and non-traceable. Money can be taken out of your bank account or trade secrets stolen without you even opening your front door. What is worse is the bad guy may send the information using your own email. How do you protect yourself from a threat you cannot see but know deep down absolutely exists? Many choose to ignore cyber-crime and just look the other way.

Just like with many things, to get better at something you have to train. Your employees need to train in cyber security awareness AND be tested regularly.

Those invisible bad guys only have to trick any employee once to get full access to your company and its data. Physical security like alarms, cameras, and locks are not given a second thought or questioned. Your company’s data is most likely your most valuable asset. How are you training your employees to protect your data?

The story of good vs evil goes back to the beginning of time and lucky for us the beginning of the internet too. Cyber security awareness training will provide you with a baseline of where your company scores today against those invisible bad guys, train and test your employees in creative interactive ways, and provide trackable improvement company-wide against cyber-attacks.


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